Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists’ Residency is excited to launch a new opportunity for BIPOC artists and creatives to utilize our campus and facilities via the Hold Space Grant for Artists of Color. 

Participants who qualify can enjoy communal living, making, and opportunities to organize on Ox-Bow’s campus in Saugatuck, Michigan. Lodging, three meals per day, and access to Ox-Bow studios and spaces are provided.

People of color across the creative spectrum including artists of any discipline, writers, curators, teachers, and Ox-Bow Alumni are encouraged to apply. The grant supports individuals or groups of up to twenty for any length from one to seven nights. The dates available for the Hold Space Grant in 2024 are September 4-11, 2024.

Ox-Bow encourages applicants to consider how they would like to use its facilities and resources to best suit their interests and goals. Some proposal examples are listed below, but are not limited to;

  • An individual artist utilizing the metals, ceramics, printmaking, fiber, painting, or writing studio, with guidance from Ox-Bow’s on-campus studio managers. You can see more about our studios and equipment here.
  • A self-organized group retreat with collaborative creative projects and BIPOC speakers. Assistance from the Ox-Bow programming team is available.
  • Other nonprofits in need of time and space to plan and organize, with comfortable lodging, and space to talk and make. Assistance from the Ox-Bow programming team is available.
  • BIPOC curators may utilize the campus gallery spaces for exhibitions, with assistance from the campus team.
  • A set of existing collaboratives coming together to design a suite of dinner parties and conversation with assistance from Ox-Bow’s hospitality team.

Proposals are reviewed by a panel of BIPOC curators and artists who are familiar with the Ox-Bow experience. The Hold Space Grant, includes lodging, meals, and access to Ox-Bow resources. Hold Space Grant recipients should be 21 years or older at the start of their residency and have the option of bringing their children to campus. Children must be accompanied by a legal guardian while on campus. Ox-Bow does not provide childcare or additional care support at this time. This experience is valued at $300 per person, per day, and does not currently include a cash grant. 

Inspired by BIPOC participant feedback, the Hold Space Grant for Artists of Color, is the product of many months of thoughtful planning and research by Ox-Bow's Senior Leadership Team. 

Project research was initiated in 2020 with former Ox-Bow staff member and current program ambassador, independent curator and founder of AMFM, Ciera McKissick, and a group of 9 Thought Partners who had experience in the Ox-Bow community. The research process resulted in the design of a program that held intentional and exclusive space for BIPOC artists at Ox-Bow. Ox-Bow extends their gratitude to the Thought Partners for their foundational work, invaluable guidance and consultation on this initiative:  Cecilia Beaven, Jen de los Reyes, Kyrae Dewan, Jessica Gatlin, Rami George, Salvador Jimenez Flores, Arnold J. Kemp, Abigail Lucien, and “Q” Patrick Quilao.

Ox-Bow’s DEIA Statement:

Ox-Bow School of Art & Artists’ Residency fosters an environment that rejects injustice, oppression, and racism through radical hospitality and care. We are committed to continued listening, learning, and direct action that will result in sustainable change within our organization to ensure that Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Latine artists, trans and queer artists, and artists with disabilities are seen, heard, and supported at Ox-Bow. 

Our leadership team is working toward being an anti-racist organization. Recent tangible actions include a year-long educational relationship with Enrich Chicago, expanding funding  opportunities in support of BIPOC participation in Ox-Bow programs, the Peter Williams Award for teaching and mentorship by a BIPOC alum, revised hiring practices that support equity, the adoption of ethical storytelling in our communications and the development of the Hold Space Grant for Artists of Color.

Faculty are encouraged to submit course proposals to teach at Ox-Bow for the summer and winter.

We are currently taking proposals for our Summer 2025 and Winter 2025 season. We are no longer in need for proposals for 2024.


Proposals for the Summer Session can be for 1-, 2-weeks Ox-Bow has 6 main studio areas-- painting and drawing, ceramics, papermaking, printmaking, metals, and glass, but will consider proposals in a variety of disciplines, including sound, fiber, performance, sculpture, art history, photo, film, new media, writing, visual and critical studies, and interdisciplinary areas.

To propose a course you will need the following information:

  •  Faculty Name, email, phone number, website if available
  •  CV, or Resume (an MFA is required to teach a for-credit class at Ox-Bow)
  •  Course Name
  •  Session for which you are proposing
  •  Course Description paragraph should be in the following format: 100 words addressing overall concept, 100 words addressing artists and readings, and 25 words addressing assignments and projects.
  •  Not required but recommended—documentation of faculty and student work, may be in the following formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, mp3, mp4, tiff, png, mov. If this is included, please note that the program will automatically alphabetize your files so please name them accordingly. Please provide a documentation list which indicates the artist (Self or Student), title if known, media, etc.


Proposals for the Winter Session are for 2-week classes. During the winter session, courses that are most successful engage the landscape and the winter weather. Ox-Bow has limited studio facilities available. Studios available for use are:

  • Lutz, a group studio house available with 4 individual studio spaces
  • Haas Painting studio, which can accommodate up to 18 students (and can be used for courses other than painting)
  • Krehbiel Ceramics studio, which can accommodate up 12 students
  • Print studio, with Screenprinting, Etching, Lithography capacity, accommodates 12
  •  New Media Space, accommodates 12

Ox-Bow is also hosting online classes for the upcoming Winter session. If you have an idea best suited for online learning, please select "online" in the session category. These classes meet via Zoom everyday during a 2-week session. 

Art on the Meadow is a program that offers a variety of art-making experiences through short-term workshops for teens and adults on Ox-Bow’s campus. These community-driven workshops aim to provide an intergenerational, accessible space for artists to cultivate new work and ideas through experimentation and play within our rich, natural environment. Ideal workshops will engage participants of all experience levels, from novice to pro, and consider the specificities of Ox-Bow’s context.

Teaching artists from the West Michigan area are encouraged to submit proposals to teach workshops at Ox-Bow. Workshop instructors receive a teaching stipend and a budget for instructional materials. Please note that there is no additional travel stipend available for Art on the Meadow instructors at this time; however, if an instructor does not live locally, Ox-Bow will provide room and board during the duration of their workshop. 

Ox-Bow has facilities to offer workshops in painting, drawing, ceramics, papermaking and printmaking. We encourage proposals in a variety of disciplines, including: fiber, collage, craft, writing, poetry, watercolor, mixed media, and interdisciplinary areas. Please include the following in your proposal:

  • Faculty name, email, phone number, website if applicable
  • CV/Resume
  • Workshop name
  • Preferred workshop dates (June - October) 
  • Length of workshop (half day; one day; multi-session)
  • Brief description of core concepts and assignments (1-3 sentences) 
  • Full workshop description (approximately 100 words)
  • Budget/space/equipment information: Note that Ox-Bow has limited technological resources; please submit a list of equipment and materials needed for your workshop
  • Not required but recommended—documentation of faculty and student work, may be in the following formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, mp3, mp4, tiff, png, mov. If this is included, please note that the program will automatically alphabetize your files, so name them accordingly. Please provide a documentation list which indicates the artist (Self or Student), title, media, etc.

Questions? Contact Claire Arctander, Deputy Director, at carctander@ox-bow.org

Ends on

Longform 2024 is a studio residency that seeks to provide an intensive, creative development experience, fostering deep connections amongst facilitators, visiting artists, and participants. One facilitator, three visiting artists, and a group of residents from any career stage, generation, and practicing any media shape the residency experience through a robust schedule of lectures, readings, studio visits, workshops, critical discussions, and of course, studio time. 

Each resident receives a studio space, room & board, and three meals per day.

This residency is inspired by alternative learning models and low-res academic programs where shared experiences foster fast and lasting connections. Beyond the time & space offered by many residency programs, Ox-Bow and the Longform facilitator kg builds out thoughtful schedules for the residents including multiple group discussions per week centered around readings and topics selected by the facilitator, studio visits with a new visiting artist each week, workshops led by visiting artists and Ox-Bow staff to encourage the participants to learn a new skills and increase their comfort with our facilities (including the ceramics, print, and metals studios) and the opportunity to present on their work via work share events in the evening. While participants are free to choose how they would like to build out their schedule, we hear routinely that the structured nature of the program, as well as the participants' unobstructed access to our facilities, are among the most cited strengths of the residency.

Longform will be hosted on Ox-Bow’s historic campus in Saugatuck, Michigan from September 19 - October 10. Ox-Bow is delighted to welcome facilitator kg to lead weekly discussions as well as Visiting Artists Surabhi Ghosh, Tim Mann, and Jack Schneider who will supplement the program with demonstrations, lectures, and studio visits.

Tuition is $5750 and registration is open now. Ox-Bow offers partial and full scholarships to applicants who identify as BIPOC, emerging, mid-career, artists over 65, and artists with families. To read more and apply for funding, please submit an application via the link below. Applications are due June 16 by 12:00 a.m. EST and will be reviewed by a panel of diverse arts professionals.

Ox-Bow School of Art & Artists' Residency