Project name: Ox-Bow Goes to Hell

Commissioning Org: Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists’ Residency

Application deadline: September 6, 2022

Residency period: Monday, October 17 - Monday, October 31, 2022

Budget: $700 Artist fee + $300 Materials budget

Geographic eligibility requirements: Must be able to travel to Ox-Bow, no additional travel funding is available


Since 2019 Ox-Bow has organized, built, and operated Halloween events, from haunted houses to the Spooky Trail and more, all open to the public and for all ages. Using a limited budget and materials largely found on campus, the creative crew at Ox-Bow has captured the imagination of locals with their twisted minds and creeped-out craftiness. This year Ox-Bow Goes to Hell on Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29 to bring back from the dead one heck of a creepy crawly campus experience!

October 28: Ox-Bow Goes to Hell: Haunted Cabins + Spooky Trail (+matinee haunt before dark)

October 29: Ox-Bow Goes to Hell: Haunted Cabins + Spooky Trail + Graveyard Rave

Artists, or “creeps-in-residence,” will participate in a residency in preparation for Ox-Bow Goes to Hell 2022, producing at least one of many creepy, beautiful and bizarre scenes for the weekend of October 28 and 29. Scenes/projects can be located in one of the listed cabins, somewhere on the campus grounds, or at one of the stations along the Spooky Trail. Scenes may be static/atmospheric/immersive, or activated/interactive/operated by actors or engineers (activated scenes are preferred). All media and disciplines are acceptable for fleshing out a freaky experience: sound, video, puppetry, practical effects and special effects artists are all encouraged to apply.

Creeps are not required to perform or engineer the experience they create, though they are expected to work or aid in operations in some capacity leading up to and during the weekend’s events.

GOALS/CRITERIA: Creeps are to design and produce haunting, consciousness-altering, spine-tingling, mind-wrinkling, stomach-turning, and hair-raising experiences for scaredy cats and curious kinds of all ages. From a thematic perspective, common haunts and canonized horrors are of course welcome, though visionary, psychedelic, bizarre, and uniquely weird scenarios are encouraged.

With a mindfulness for harm-reduction, proposals/ideas that use horror tropes that are at the expense of others’ real and lived experiences will most likely be disregarded. Ox-Bow is looking for conscientious freaks to inspire curiosity and wonder and yeah, some fear, but nothing harmful.

LOCATION DESCRIPTION: The event takes place at Ox-Bow’s rustic centennial campus. There are two main categories of locations that artists may propose scenarios to take place: indoors using one of Ox-Bow’s historic cabins, or outdoors, whether on the Spooky Trail or somewhere around the general campus. The Spooky Trail runs through a section of the largely hemlock, beech, maple, and oak forest that Ox-Bow’s campus is nestled in. Below are descriptions of these categories as well as details to consider for each space.


The Mary Kay: This building was the home of a beloved former caretaker of Ox-Bow, Mary Kay, who is believed to reside in her former abode to this day. This building is the site for the original Haunted House that Ox-Bow ran in 2019. There are 4 to 5 rooms available, a bathroom, a loft, and a large common room that will be sectioned into tighter spaces and walkways.

The Mason: Another one of Ox-Bow’s more rustic cabins, the Mason has a large common room, two bedrooms to the back, a lofted space, and a bathroom.

The Trail:

About a quarter-mile section of the Crow’s Nest Trail on Ox-Bow’s campus will be used for a number of individual scenes, depending on available artists, creeps, and actors. The trail will be dimly illuminated, enough that guests can see where to walk but not enough to fully illuminate the surrounding area or expose too much of the behind-the-scenes magic. A small generator (approx. 2000W) will be stationed along the trail for minimal electrical components and extra lighting. One section of the trail runs along a dune ridge with a steep edge on one side, proper precautions are made to ensure safety along this section of the trail. Temperatures will likely be in the 40s and rain is always a possibility. Open fires are not allowed in any scene, if you want a fiery effect you’ll have to get creative or have the effect approved by the Maintenance and Facilities department.

Other Spaces:

The Dark Carnival: Next to the Cavern Tavern lies a little gathering point with a small collection of carnival games and activities, as well as a cabin with a porch that can be used as a stage for a performance or show.

The Metals Studio: The Metals Studio is an open-air building with a vaulted canopy. It rests at the top of the hill leading into Ox-Bow and is the closest building to the main parking lot. The floorplan is a large concrete pad, and in the front of the studio lies a sandy yard with a firepit. This vestibule to the lower depths could make a great first stop before guests work their way towards the sights and frights that lay ahead.

BUDGET & AMENITIES: Artists will be provided a fee of $700 with a $300 budget for materials. Room and board will be provided for all artists in residence during their time on campus, along with a personal studio space and access to shared, discipline-specific studio buildings.

ON-SITE RESOURCES: There are resources available on-site both in the way of materials and studio space. Strange things tend to gather at Ox-Bow, many of these materials and objects can be available for use. Props and materials from previous haunted houses are available for reuse. There are also a number of resourceful staff at Ox-Bow that can help source a variety of materials for artists in residence.

Discipline-specific studios include Metals, Ceramics, and Printmaking.

Sound and performance artists are encouraged to apply as much as any other discipline, though Ox-Bow does not have much live audio equipment available. Be prepared to use your own equipment. See below for contact information if you have questions about live audio equipment.

ELIGIBILITY: Artists 18+ of all backgrounds, disciplines, career stages, and those who don’t identify as artists are encouraged to apply.

HOW TO APPLY & DEADLINE: Proposals are to be submitted through Submittable. Sketches, plans, audio, images or video are encouraged but not required. Documentation of projects that provide examples of similar skill-sets and ability to execute the installation as proposed are required. If you don’t have traditional documentation of your work, please contact Mac Akin as below.

All applications must be submitted by September 6, 2022

For further information or questions email Mac Akin:


Submission deadline: Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Residency period: Monday, October 17 - Monday, October 31, 2022

Completion/departure: Monday, October 31, 2022

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.