Faculty from both SAIC and schools around the globe are encouraged to submit course proposals to teach at Ox-Bow for the summer and winter.

 We accept course proposals on a rolling basis. We are currently accepting proposals for the January 2019 Winter Interim Session and for the 2020 Summer Session. All proposals are due by June 1st. You will hear back from us about your course no later than December 2019.

WINTER INTERIM SESSION, January 2020, 2 weeks

Proposals for the Winter Interim Session should be for 2 week/3 credit courses only. During the winter session, courses that are most successful engage the landscape and the winter weather. Ox-Bow has limited studio facilities available. Studios available for use are:

  •   the Lutz, a group studio house available with 4 individual studio spaces
  •   the Haas Painting studio, which can accommodate up to 18 students (and can be used for courses other than painting)
  •   the Krehbiel Ceramics studio, which can accommodate up 12 students
  •   the Print studio, with Screenprinting, Etching, Lithography capacity, accommodates 12
  •   New Media Space, accommodates 12

 SUMMER SESSION, June - August, 2020

Proposals for the 2020 Summer Session can be for either 1 week/1 credit courses or 2 week/3 credit courses. Ox-Bow has 6 main studio areas-- painting and drawing, ceramics, papermaking, printmaking, metals, and glass, but will consider proposals in a variety of disciplines, including sound, fiber, performance, sculpture, art history, photo, film, new media, writing, visual and critical studies, and interdisciplinary areas.

To propose a course you will need the following information:

  •   Faculty Name, email, phone number, website if available
  •   CV, or Resume
  •   Course Name
  •   Session for which you are proposing
  •   Length of course
  •                 Course concepts and assignments (for further information, see the course proposal guidelines here)
  •   Course Description (approximately 100 words, for examples, please refer to this year's course descriptions)
  •   Budget/Space/Equipment Information Ox-Bow has limited technological resources; please submit a list of equipment needed for your course (if outside of standard equipment) and plans on how you might address those needs.
  •   Not required but recommended—documentation of faculty and student work, may be in the following formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, mp3, mp4, tiff, png, mov. If this is included, please note that the program will automatically alphabetize your files so please name them accordingly. Please provide a documentation list which indicates the artist (Self or Student), title if known, media, etc.